Long ago, a powerful wizard constructed a magnificent tower in which he could pursue his study of the arcane arts. He was an arch mage to the king of a monarchy that died out long before the current kingdoms of Faerun and was responsible for equipping the king's armies for battle. He was a gifted mage, whose specialized in the ability to forge weapons of a highly magical nature.

As the years rolled by, there was peace and prosperity in the land. The arch mage grew old as time went on and eventually he passed away. Shortly thereafter, there was a struggle between the most powerful remaining magicians of the realm to see who would take ownership of the tower but, despite their desire to learn the tower's secrets, there was never one who could hold the tower for too long. Legends concerning the tower and the magic contained within grew and it became a source of trouble for all the nearby kingdoms since all manner of men plotted to use it for purposes of good and evil.

At some point another powerful mage, thankfully of good alignment, arose and was finally was able to gain control of the tower. His name was 'Mar'Atik' and he inhabited the tower for many, many years doing wondrous things. Many historians attribute an age of peace and prosperity for humans to Mar'Atik and his time in the tower. When Mar'Atik was near death he didn't want the tower to, once again, become a source of trouble for the lawful kingdoms of the realm. So, according to legend, he took steps to hide the location of the tower and did other things to make it a less desirable destination. Before he passed away, he brought in emissaries from the lawful lands and even some from the evil kingdoms to show that he had taken steps to render the tower useless. His hope was to prevent anyone from seeking the tower out, to let it fade into obscurity.

Despite Mar'Atik's precautions, there were still those who felt the urge to locate and see what magic remained in the tower. The legends surrounding the tower and the powerful mages who had dwelt there were just too strong. Rumors spread around for hundreds of years to the point where what is true and what is legend can no longer be determined. 

  • Is the tower still intact?
  • Or was it completely destroyed? 
  • Does the tower have the ability to change its location?
  • Or is it simply so well hidden that it can't be found?
  • Does the tower still have the ability to create powerful weapons?

No one knows any longer. But occasionally there are tales of travelers who report sightings of a strange tower appearing one day and gone the next. So goes the legend of the Lost Tower of Mar'Atik. 

Lost Tower of Mar'Atik

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